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Eataly, a well-known group specialising in the sale of artisanal Italian food and drink and a symbol of Italian food around the world, has chosen GoodHabitz for personal development of its employees. With the aim of involving all employees in an experience of continuous growth, Eataly's HR team structured a comprehensive and effective launch campaign to communicate all the opportunities offered by GoodHabitz within the company. And the results are amazing! Let's tell this success story with an all-Italian flavour.

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Encouraging self-training

Training has always been an important pillar of the philosophy of Eataly, founded in Turin in 2007. In fact, the company does not just bring a vast selection of excellent artisan food and wine products to the tables of Italy and the rest of the world, but - through the organisation of courses, tastings and meetings with local producers - it is also committed to educating its customers about healthy and conscious eating and responsible purchasing. As well as taking care of consumers, Eataly is also very active in the training of its employees, who through LearnEat, the internal learning platform, have the possibility of accessing various opportunities for personal and professional development. As of May 2021, the platform has been enriched with over 60 GoodHabitz courses, with the aim of promoting a culture of continuous learning. "We want to offer all our employees a tool that supports them in their professional development and allows them to train in a continuous mode. Our aim is to increase engagement on training issues and to encourage the entire company population to invest in learning," says Cecilia Brivio, HR Learning & Development at Eataly. When, following an active search, Eataly's HR team came across GoodHabitz. They immediately felt it was the optimal solution to offer colleagues an interesting and engaging training experience. "What convinced us about GoodHabitz was the variety of content and the possibility of accessing training when, where and how you want, but also the interactive way of learning, the ease of use for users and the good integration with the company LMS," says Cecilia. "With GoodHabitz, our collaborators can access an extensive catalogue of content and choose courses based on their interests and needs: courses for everyone, but at the same time tailor-made.


"Our employees have shown interest in a wide variety of courses, from those covering communication and personal effectiveness to those pertaining to languages and sales skills."

The importance of communicating training opportunities

If offering your employees a vast catalogue of fun and engaging courses is important, communicating this opportunity to the whole company is essential. Especially if you want to keep interest high over a long period of time. And Eataly is aware of this! So, the HR team, with the help of the GoodHabitz coach, structured a detailed communication plan developed in four phases: teaser, launch, follow-up and maintenance. "In the teaser phase, which preceded the launch day, we communicated the upcoming novelty through different channels: newsletters, shop chats, posts and news on our internal learning platform, as well as posters and flyers to be used in shops," says Cecilia. "For the launch day, we organised presentation webinars, which we split into different parts of the day to involve as many colleagues as possible. After the launch, we shared the recording of the webinar and invited all colleagues to do the GoodScan to easily get a list of titles that fit their needs and aspirations." Eataly's launch campaign has already paid off: "A month after the launch, usage data and feedback is very positive. Our employees have shown interest in a wide variety of courses, from those on communication and personal effectiveness to those on languages and sales skills. We will continue to communicate the tool, to make sure we keep motivation high," says Cecilia, "We have planned one post and one newsletter per month throughout the year, to tell people about the courses available and keep engagement high. In addition, we intend to strengthen in-store communication and are including GoodHabitz titles in individual development plans. Eataly has already made a great start, but with a marketing campaign like this, we are sure it will achieve even more extraordinary results, worthy of the excellence that distinguishes its products!

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Eataly specialises in selling artisanal Italian food and drink to the world. Founded in 2007 in Turin, Italy, over the years Eataly has brought "Made in Italy" to the world, distributing high quality, authentic products and sharing the stories of local producers. Eataly's goal is to make customers responsible and informed about how to choose healthy, high-quality food. The market, along with the restaurants and counters, is a place of learning. At Eataly you can enjoy a meal in a restaurant, buy ingredients and learn, through lessons, tastings and meetings with producers, about the values and history behind these products. Eataly believes that quality can be within everyone's reach, which is why it offers high quality products at prices that are sustainable for both consumers and producers. Eataly's values and philosophy are inspired by key words such as sustainability, responsibility and sharing.

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