How do I measure the ROI of learning?

Convincing upper management about the value of investing in learning can be a tricky task, especially when budgets are under scrutiny. We understand the challenge. Senior executives often seek tangible evidence of how L&D initiatives contribute to revenue generation or cost savings. But don’t worry, we've got you covered with our roadmap to prove the ROI of learning.

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What is the added value of (online) learning?

  • Cultural value
  • Organisational value
  • Economic value

Cultural value

Introducing an (online) learning offer fosters a culture of continuous learning within your organisation. It signals to employees that you value their development and encourages them to acquire new skills. 78% of employees emphasize the importance of acquiring and improving skills related to stress management, communication and cognitive skills*.


Organisational value

Investing in the development of all individuals within your workforce will lead to the exponential growth of your entire organisation. Learning is not only attractive for potential hires, it also makes you more likely to retain talents. 94% of employees claim they would stay longer with an employer that offers opportunities for career development*.


Economic value

Online learning is not only cost- and time-effective, it also leads to better profit. For every €1 invested in online training, your company gains around €30 worth of productivity.*


Let the numbers
do the talking!

Curious about the social value of learning? Download our handy overview with more figures and arguments to back up your case for investing in L&D.

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Tips & tools to measure the ROI of learning

Measuring the return on learning is crucial for assessing the success and efficiency of your L&D programmes. Keep in mind that this process can be intricate, it requires specific evaluation methods aligned with the specific goals and objectives of each learning initiative. Moreover, a comprehensive assessment benefits from considering both quantitative and qualitative data. Below you can find some of our tips for measuring the ROI of learning. Hover over some of the tips to discover how our tools can assist you in practical implementation.

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