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As an accounting and advisory firm, technical skills and a confident use of numbers are among important elements that can be identified in employees’ daily work tasks. However, good time management, effective teamwork with colleagues or dealing well with customers are important competences to successfully fulfill these tasks.

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The story of BDO and GoodHabitz will show you why soft skills are more important than ever, even for accountants and tax specialists.

Growing need for soft skill training courses

Working in an accounting and advisory firm, you may be involved in tasks such as conducting business audits in companies. Thus, if your company emphasizes learning and development, it probably offers training courses that focus on a specific topic you’re facing every day, such as technical skills. But what if these skills alone are not enough to guarantee a successful work process? What about competences such as effective communication or strong writing and language skills for a professional appearance?

That’s the case for many organizations that are operating in a specific field. Just like BDO, where GoodHabitz could meet their growing need for soft skill training courses. For BDO, a globally active accounting and advisory company, learning and development are not new. The majority of its employees receives continuous training in order to do their jobs. However, the focus on technical training created a gap with regard to training employees’ broader, more general skills.

Filling the gap with GoodHabitz’ online training courses

That’s why GoodHabitz’ online training courses help to fill the gap with courses like ‘time management’, ‘leadership’, ‘project management’ and many more. BDO applies these courses in a very specific way, depending on the individual situations and challenges their employees are facing, such as onboarding activities for newcomers, but also for team development plans.

Courses are met with positive feedback and according to Hetty Peeters, Senior L&D Advisor, co-workers talking about GoodHabitz and providing recommendations is an effective strategy for implementation.

„We chose GoodHabitz because of their wide range of courses, and their accessible online platform. The fact that GoodHabitz gives all BDO employees a chance at self-development was also a crucial factor. Their course library is always relevant, with new titles and features being added and content being updated regularly.

"We have chosen GoodHabitz for its wide range of training courses and accessible online platform." 

Meanwhile, GoodHabitz is a vital part of the learning and development opportunities BDO offers its employees. Social competences are no longer missing at BDO, even in number-based and technical work processes.

It’s an inspiring story for every big company with a growing need for soft skill trainings. You want to learn more about the strategy BDO used for the implementation of GoodHabitz’ online courses? Download the full story and read the interview with Hetty Peeters.

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